Haters Gonna Hate

In the world of YouTube, I like to consider myself pretty up to date on the most popular vloggers, travel vloggers, game gurus, and beauty gurus.

So, it came as a surprise to me when I ran across an article on People.com about a “popular beauty guru” who just got married. I clicked on the article, and read it. Interestingly enough, it was someone I had NEVER heard of. And after doing a quick web search, I couldn’t find ANYWHERE that she was even in a top 20 list of popular beauty gurus despite having 2 million subscribers. So, being the honest person I am, I commented on the article that I’d never heard of her and it made me wonder if she’d bought a good chunk of those subscribers (which is a thing in the world of social media). I should also mention, she’s all of 19 years old.

Anyway. The backlash I got from that comment was amazing. Little teeny boppers correcting me and being down right rude telling me how wrong I was about my assumption. Honestly, I’ve replied to a few of them, to no avail…they still continue to tell me how wrong I am (*insert sarcasm* because I have, in my old age forgotten that teenagers are always right; so my bad there). And even though I have not responded to anyone on the article in a few days, they still continue to comment on my original comment.

I guess all gotta say about that is:


In other words, keep on hating ladies and gents. If you can tell me how hated I am by you all, I can tell you how unpopular your “beauty guru” really is. Which is another thing that bothers me. They call her a beauty guru, and she’s just not! She’s more of a lifestyle, fashion, beauty YouTuber. She doesn’t just make beauty videos (which, for what it’s worth, my definition of a beauty guru is someone who focus’ on beauty: make-up, hair, clothes).

You’ve been…Dissed by the Nerd


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