DWTS (Dancing With The Stars)

So, I’ve been back and forth with a fellow commenter over on the People comments of a DWTS article.

She says she is not an Alexa fan, but is defending her to the bitter end! Saying she “beat” Bindi last Thursday (Tuesday?), yet still went home. Ummm…yeah. Genius. Not hard to figure out. She may have scored high, but those scores weren’t enough to keep her there another week. Get over it.

Not to mention, Bindi has had nearly consistent performances and scores week after week. Not to mention, she’s most likely got a much larger fan base than Alexa did.

I find it funny when someone tells me I must be a (insert celeb name here) fan because I’m defending them so hard or whatever. Hey, Genius, you’re spending just as much time and energy defending <insert other celeb) here, so YOU must be a fan of them.

I am a fan of Bindi. I think she’s danced well this season. And I think she’s grown a lot both in dance ability and as a person as well. She’s really opened up a lot about her father’s death (something I know isn’t easy) and really put her heart and soul into this. Where as most of the other contestants are there for some dumb-ass cheaply made mirror ball trophy.

So, Genius, take a look in the mirror before you go pointing fingers at others. Perhaps if you don’t like a celeb on the show, don’t defend them so passionately on a silly comment board. Otherwise, someone else will look you in the eye, grab your hand and say “Nice to meet you, pot. I’m kettle!”

You’ve been…DISSED by a NERD!


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