So, I saw on Facebook where some woman went on Fox News talking about white privilege/racism and other stuff. I’m honestly so over the whole racism/racist thing that I didn’t even bother to click on an article to read more (so call me a worthless researcher).

However, people sharing the articles had so much to say. Black people saying there is such a thing as white privilege and racism and white people denying it and white people saying it’s a thing. I’m so done with it.

No one is allowed to say they ARE NOT racist so long as they do not meet the following definition(s):


noun: racist; plural noun: racists
  1. 1.
    a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.
    synonyms: racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, supremacist More

noun: racist; plural noun: racists; adjective: racist
  1. 1.
    having or showing the belief that a particular race is superior to another.
    “we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club”

Because, here is the thing. White people can be racist because they believe they are superior to another (adjective definition). And black people can be racist because THEY believe white people are superior to them (noun definition).

Why can’t we all just look at each other as HUMANS!?! Where our skin color does not matter. Where are skin color is treated in the same regard to our hair color and our eye color. That it just makes up who we are.

I mean, we can all agree we’re all HUMAN right?!?



So, People posted an article about a 24 year old mother who was apparently staring down a woman in a restaurant as she breastfed her baby boy. I have my doubts about the truth of this story. Not only because she’s sitting looking as though she’s staring into space with a forced mean look on her face, but also because the photo does not show the other party staring at her. If you want to make a statement about breastfeeding in public, and someone is staring you down, most people don’t hesitate to take a picture showing who was staring them down. But, there’s also the fact that most of these “breastfeeding warrior” articles I see, the woman is shown with her shirt pulled DOWN (not up) with her whole boob out (aside from the nipple which is in the babies mouth). You want to “normalize” breastfeeding in public, be a human and have some respect for those around you, Pull your shirt up, or throw a light blanket or scarf over yourself. Whatever happened to nursing bras? Because there ain’t no way these women who pull their shirt down are wearing a nursing bra…in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised they aren’t wearing a bra at all! I don’t know about other women, but I know when I pull my bra down while it’s still attached in the back, it’s mighty uncomfortable.

Anyway. These breastfeeding warriors (and those that support them) keep throwing around “well, they’re protected by the law and they don’t have to be considerate of you because of that.” Perhaps you need a little lesson in etiquette and laws.

Yes. There are laws that protect breastfeeding mothers…from being thrown out of or asked to leave public places for breastfeeding. But, it does not protect them from their moral rights of being inconsiderate assholes to other patrons in that public place. Just like there are laws to protect my rights to be in a public place at the same time as a breastfeeding mother, they do not protect my moral right to be inconsiderate of her and not stare at her.

We live in a world of self centeredness. Breastfeeding mothers morally feel it’s their right to plop out the boob and fuck whoever it offends, where as I morally feel it’s my right to scorn her for her decision. Now, two wrongs never make a right. So what do we do? Change our laws to add verbiage that prohibits breastfeeding mothers from exposing her whole breast while feeding? That’s probably the best bet.

DWTS (Dancing With The Stars)

So, I’ve been back and forth with a fellow commenter over on the People comments of a DWTS article.

She says she is not an Alexa fan, but is defending her to the bitter end! Saying she “beat” Bindi last Thursday (Tuesday?), yet still went home. Ummm…yeah. Genius. Not hard to figure out. She may have scored high, but those scores weren’t enough to keep her there another week. Get over it.

Not to mention, Bindi has had nearly consistent performances and scores week after week. Not to mention, she’s most likely got a much larger fan base than Alexa did.

I find it funny when someone tells me I must be a (insert celeb name here) fan because I’m defending them so hard or whatever. Hey, Genius, you’re spending just as much time and energy defending <insert other celeb) here, so YOU must be a fan of them.

I am a fan of Bindi. I think she’s danced well this season. And I think she’s grown a lot both in dance ability and as a person as well. She’s really opened up a lot about her father’s death (something I know isn’t easy) and really put her heart and soul into this. Where as most of the other contestants are there for some dumb-ass cheaply made mirror ball trophy.

So, Genius, take a look in the mirror before you go pointing fingers at others. Perhaps if you don’t like a celeb on the show, don’t defend them so passionately on a silly comment board. Otherwise, someone else will look you in the eye, grab your hand and say “Nice to meet you, pot. I’m kettle!”

You’ve been…DISSED by a NERD!

Haters Gonna Hate

In the world of YouTube, I like to consider myself pretty up to date on the most popular vloggers, travel vloggers, game gurus, and beauty gurus.

So, it came as a surprise to me when I ran across an article on People.com about a “popular beauty guru” who just got married. I clicked on the article, and read it. Interestingly enough, it was someone I had NEVER heard of. And after doing a quick web search, I couldn’t find ANYWHERE that she was even in a top 20 list of popular beauty gurus despite having 2 million subscribers. So, being the honest person I am, I commented on the article that I’d never heard of her and it made me wonder if she’d bought a good chunk of those subscribers (which is a thing in the world of social media). I should also mention, she’s all of 19 years old.

Anyway. The backlash I got from that comment was amazing. Little teeny boppers correcting me and being down right rude telling me how wrong I was about my assumption. Honestly, I’ve replied to a few of them, to no avail…they still continue to tell me how wrong I am (*insert sarcasm* because I have, in my old age forgotten that teenagers are always right; so my bad there). And even though I have not responded to anyone on the article in a few days, they still continue to comment on my original comment.

I guess all gotta say about that is:


In other words, keep on hating ladies and gents. If you can tell me how hated I am by you all, I can tell you how unpopular your “beauty guru” really is. Which is another thing that bothers me. They call her a beauty guru, and she’s just not! She’s more of a lifestyle, fashion, beauty YouTuber. She doesn’t just make beauty videos (which, for what it’s worth, my definition of a beauty guru is someone who focus’ on beauty: make-up, hair, clothes).

You’ve been…Dissed by the Nerd


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