So, People posted an article about a 24 year old mother who was apparently staring down a woman in a restaurant as she breastfed her baby boy. I have my doubts about the truth of this story. Not only because she’s sitting looking as though she’s staring into space with a forced mean look on her face, but also because the photo does not show the other party staring at her. If you want to make a statement about breastfeeding in public, and someone is staring you down, most people don’t hesitate to take a picture showing who was staring them down. But, there’s also the fact that most of these “breastfeeding warrior” articles I see, the woman is shown with her shirt pulled DOWN (not up) with her whole boob out (aside from the nipple which is in the babies mouth). You want to “normalize” breastfeeding in public, be a human and have some respect for those around you, Pull your shirt up, or throw a light blanket or scarf over yourself. Whatever happened to nursing bras? Because there ain’t no way these women who pull their shirt down are wearing a nursing bra…in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised they aren’t wearing a bra at all! I don’t know about other women, but I know when I pull my bra down while it’s still attached in the back, it’s mighty uncomfortable.

Anyway. These breastfeeding warriors (and those that support them) keep throwing around “well, they’re protected by the law and they don’t have to be considerate of you because of that.” Perhaps you need a little lesson in etiquette and laws.

Yes. There are laws that protect breastfeeding mothers…from being thrown out of or asked to leave public places for breastfeeding. But, it does not protect them from their moral rights of being inconsiderate assholes to other patrons in that public place. Just like there are laws to protect my rights to be in a public place at the same time as a breastfeeding mother, they do not protect my moral right to be inconsiderate of her and not stare at her.

We live in a world of self centeredness. Breastfeeding mothers morally feel it’s their right to plop out the boob and fuck whoever it offends, where as I morally feel it’s my right to scorn her for her decision. Now, two wrongs never make a right. So what do we do? Change our laws to add verbiage that prohibits breastfeeding mothers from exposing her whole breast while feeding? That’s probably the best bet.


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